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Supporting organisations and individuals during and beyond COVID-19

In the current climate, getting any job for the foreseeable future is the number one priority for many of us. Our JobGetter Services: Career First Aid will keep you engaged with the workforce and increase your opportunities to earn a wage: our immediate focus is on supporting you to find anther job as quickly as possible. Acknowledging this may not be your next ideal career move, we will then keep in contact with you and offer further support when it’s time to re-visit your desired career path.


Our Director of Consulting Services, Sarah Wood, believes COVID-19 has strengthened teamwork within many organisations.

There is nothing like a global pandemic to drive change! The COVID-19 situation has meant that Brockhurst Consulting has not only had to rapidly change the way we deliver our services for the foreseeable future, but we have also built upon and re-designed our services to ensure we can help organisations and individuals with the range of support they are most likely in need of right now….

Supporting employees whose roles have been significantly impacted through our career transitioning services; we have developed an extensive suite of online tools (interactive videos) and we are facilitating virtual workshops to help people find a new job in these challenging economic times

  • Virtual facilitation – we have created a virtual platform for facilitating our entire range of workshops. In mirroring activities we would normally run during our face to face workshops, focus groups and staff forums, we use various online tools including breakout rooms for smaller group discussions, polls, whiteboards and chat box functionalities for collaboration and participant engagement, and provide ongoing access to recorded versions of the workshop’s information and related resources.
  • We also offer advice and guidance on effective facilitation of virtual workshops
  • Digital coaching – we know teachers, academics and trainers at schools, universities and other organisations around the country are currently faced with enormous pressure moving to a new way of delivering learning so we have partnered with VidVersity  to offer a digital coaching service – this service is designed to help teachers/trainers/academics/staff move their content online, whether that be technical support, learning design support, pedagogical support, training on how to create videos, how to run online meetings or just general emotional support
  • Strengthening leadership capability to lead through periods of unprecedented change – we mentor and coach leaders to help themselves and others cope with the emotional turmoil of uncertainty and change.
  • Helping team members re-engage and adopt new workplace behaviours and ways of working
  • Assisting with communications – we prepare messages for staff, clients and other stakeholders
  • Conducting surveys and writing reports where these would help inform support initiatives for the organisation’s workforce

The pace of change has never been faster and can be overwhelming during times like COVID-19 but we can make everyone’s change journey just that little bit easier.

Our Commitment to Health and Wellbeing

Brockhurst Consulting is committed to minimising the spread of COVID-19 and we are doing everything we can to ensure the health and wellbeing of our consultants and our client communities. Our team is currently working from home, collaborating through video conferencing and other online tools, and providing the majority of our services, including career transitioning support, coaching and workshop facilitation, through virtual platforms.

We are also working closely with our clients to ensure we maintain the health and safety of their people and that we are complying with their workplace regulations as we deliver our services.

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