We pride ourselves on establishing and maintaining close relationships with, and an in-depth understanding of, all the organisations and individuals with whom we work.

We have been partnering closely with some clients for several years enabling us to tailor our services to achieve maximum impact for their context. These relationships also make us feel an integral part of their teams!

Our clients span a range of sectors including tertiary education, retail distribution, health services, schools, Federal, State and local government and essential services.

Insight, Fresh View, and Motivation

Tom has been a fantastic coach and mentor. I really appreciated the insight, fresh view, and motivation that Tom provided. He has a great ability to tease out the difficult issues, break those down in to manageable steps, and help you address them with new behaviours.

Importantly though, Tom also helps to make those behaviours stick, creating real change by converting them in to positive habits. With Tom’s help, I’ve been able to shift my sales approach from merely ticking the boxes, to being proactive, consistent, and even excited about the process. Thanks Tom.


Principal Consultant, Voice Project

Driving Cultural Shifts

Sarah and Tom helped our team pull together and engage more fully with each other after an extensive period of uncertainty and many leadership changes.

They sought staff feedback on several aspects of our workplace and teamwork and, in response, provided effective frameworks and guidance. This support has helped our whole team to agree on better ways to work with each other, become more engaged in a constantly changing future and ultimately enjoy the work we do even more. I am increasingly confident that these cultural shifts will be reflected in our overall performance over the coming months.

I look forward to continuing working with Sarah and Tom as they help keep us on track in ensuring our new ways of working are sustained.


Senior Coordinator, Local Government Community Services

A totally positive workshop experience!

I have had the good fortune to be involved in multiple workshops with Sarah over the last few years whether it was in the room or virtually. Sarah’s tremendous work from the initial preparation, through to facilitating the workshop and post workshop support has led to positive outcomes for our team. As such, the methodology established in these workshops is now being utilised throughout multiple internal projects which enables a strong foundation for success.


Marketing Manager, Engineering Sector

Valuable guidance in workforce strategy development!

I worked closely with Sarah Wood from Brockhurst Consulting in designing and developing a Faculty-wide Workforce Strategy in 2018/19. I valued Sarah’s sound counsel and thoughtful guidance during this assignment and particularly appreciated her strategic HR expertise and in-depth understanding of the tertiary sector.  

I found Sarah’s consulting style to be very professional with high integrity, incredible energy and enthusiasm, and also a good sense of humour! I enjoyed working with Sarah as a trusted colleague and I hope that we get further opportunities to work together in the future.


Manager, People & Culture, Melbourne Graduate School of Education

Professional service delivery!

Over a number of years, Brockhurst Consulting has provided a range of services that support our University’s researcher capability and career development. We have been impressed with their understanding of the sector as well as the professionalism they bring to service delivery.

Pro Vice-Chancellor


Significant influence on our workplace environment and team behaviours!

Sarah and Kim have made a highly effective contribution to our positive workplace improvement program over the last few months. Through their friendly yet pragmatic approach to driving change in the way we work together, Brockhurst Consulting has had a significant influence on our workplace environment and team behaviours. We set out to foster a positive workplace culture that supports staff performance and constructive communication and within a short time frame the results are clearly evident. We appreciate the way Sarah and Kim have designed and delivered their services to meet our specific needs and how they have guided us to achieve these desired results.

Our leadership team is very keen to continue partnering with Brockhurst Consulting as we make further progress on our cultural journey.


Manager, Training & Development, Disability Services

Delivering online workshops with impact!

Sarah has supported our growth strategy and people plan with thoughtfully executed online workshops and blended learning methodologies, ensuring that our teams do not lose momentum in the face of uncertainty and considerable hardship. Sarah’s passion and commitment to providing all people with safe and rewarding work has made a considerable impact on our people that I’m certain they will not forget.


Manager People & Culture, Community Health

Delivery of relaxed yet purposeful facilitation that leads to real outcomes!

We have engaged the services of Tom and Sarah on a number of occasions and find their expertise, experience and collaborative approach just great.

Tom and Sarah have a particular skill in bringing to life the insights of the HBDI tool for all members of a team. When combined with their people and business focused solutions, working with them has delivered positive results for us every time.

In particular, Tom and Sarah are flexible, innovative and responsive to the specific needs of different teams and deliver relaxed yet purposeful facilitation that leads to real outcomes.

We look forward to working with them again in the future.

Eve and Kylie

Managers, Department of Education and Training

Coaching services with impact!

The Executive Coaching Program offered by Brockhurst Consulting had an immediate impact on the way I approached my work. The honest in-the-moment feedback, thought-provoking frameworks and holding me accountable to agreed actions helped me develop and change at a rate I never imagined.  Through ongoing conversations, we ensured that my new behaviours stuck and I didn’t regress to my old ways.

I highly recommend Tom and his team for their professional coaching services.



Excellent Consulting Services!

We engaged the consulting services of Brockhurst Consulting’s Sarah Wood to assist us with the design and development of an enterprise-wide Leadership and Learning Capability Plan. Sarah’s expertise and extensive experience in organisational development, her valuable ideas and input and the high standard of her work made a significant contribution to the Plan’s endorsement by the Senior Leadership team.

The quality of Sarah’s work, together with her professional and personable approach, led us to subsequently engage her services to support our workforce planning team. I would have no hesitation in recommending Sarah to other organisations as an excellent consultant who goes above and beyond expectations’!


Manager, Federal Government Agency

A great team planning day!

I very much appreciate the work that Tom and Sarah did for us at the team planning day for RMIT. Our ambition is to build a high performing team and we realise gaining full support and engagement from our team is critical to do that. Tom’s role in engaging every single team member prior to our planning day and then leading discussions has led to some very tangible outcomes.


Director of Research Translation, RMIT

Helped us build a positive workplace culture!

As a brand new General Manager to the business, I was pleased to hear that my CEO had engaged Sarah’s services to facilitate Assimilation Coaching and the Positive Workplace Culture Programs within the business.

From my first meeting with Sarah I was made to feel at ease, Sarah explained that she was my coach and that we could work together on whatever I needed to integrate myself into the business and build a cohesive team. Sarah does not give directions, she “brainstorms” with you to determine the best outcomes for you as an individual and as part of a team.

As well as being a coach to me, Sarah and her team of consultants worked with us to build a positive workplace culture which assisted us to become a cohesive, happy group who enjoy coming to work.


General Manager, Service Development,, Health Services Provider