We enable organisations and individuals to develop and grow, achieve results and enjoy what they do.

We offer extensive experience and a personable approach to add value to organisations undergoing significant transformation to help them optimise their business performance through the behaviours, capabilities, performance, development and engagement of their people – we are ‘the human impact‘!

We design and deliver consulting, coaching and facilitation services tailored to meet the specific needs of organisations and their team members applying broad principles around ways of working, leadership behaviour, change sponsorship and professional growth and development.

Our client organisations span across a number of sectors and range from small teams to medium-sized businesses to large institutions and government departments.

Team Strengthening

We help to convert the “talking into action” through facilitating teams to work together to operationalise strategy and values, to articulate team norms, to enhance their understanding of themselves and each other, and to track and celebrate their progress.


Leadership Programs

Our leadership programs are designed to (i) enhance the confidence and capability of individual leaders, and (ii) strengthen connections between members of an organisation’s leadership team.


Career Transition (Outplacement)

We offer comprehensive premium quality outplacement services that cover all aspects of the career transition process.

Executive and Leadership Coaching

As an empowering strategy for performance and leadership development, we offer a coaching process that enables leaders to learn, grow and change.



Our facilitation approach is based on our belief in the wisdom of individuals and groups and their capacity to build, challenge, shape and grow.


Behavioural Change in Organisations

Sustained behavioural change is required for the success of any organisational change; it needs individuals and teams to engage with a new way of thinking about their work.

Strategic Reviews

We provide expert consulting support to organisations seeking to undertake a comprehensive review of any aspect of their operations.



Workforce Strategy and Planning

We support organisations in designing, developing and implementing a holistic Workforce Strategy which outlines key focus areas for ensuring alignment of an organisation’s workforce capabilities and environment to their business strategy.

Assessment and Development Tools

Whole Brain® Thinking leverages a team’s cognitive diversity as a strategic advantage, and other tools offered by our consultants all aim to improve individual and organisational growth and performance.

Mature Age Transition

Our approach to Mature Age Transition not only supports those late-career individuals in transitioning to life beyond full-time work, but also ensures the benefits to the organisation are maximised and aligned with the business strategy.