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Enhancing your Transition to Retirement

Our Transitioning to Retirement coaching services support late-career individuals in transitioning elements of their ‘work self’ to their ‘home self’ in a sustainable way.

Have you thought about what work really gives you?

It’s not just money, it’s …

  • your identity
  • your sense of purpose
  • your routine – a reason to get up every day
  • your social network of colleagues

We believe these dimensions define who you are far more than how much money you have in the bank. Yet, in our experience, we find that an individual approaching retirement typically spends most of their energy focusing on finances. We acknowledge that the financial considerations are important (will you be able to afford to travel to Rye or Rome? What sort of restaurants will you dine at? What sort of car will you drive?) and we offer a financial planning session as part of our services. However, when working with you, we encourage you to focus more on the other elements together with your health and wellbeing.

What would you do if you could, or had to, retire tomorrow?

We are all now living in the ‘age of longevity’; in this era of an ageing workforce and rising average life expectancy, there are huge implications and opportunities for both mature age workers and their workplaces. One key question we explore with you is:

Would you want to work to a later age if you could work differently?

  • You may want to work part time for a while
  • You may enjoy working flexibly from home
  • If you could give up 20% of what you are doing at work right now, what would you stop doing?
  • What would you start doing with your new ‘home’ time?

If this is part of your plans, we can help you work with your employer to stage your retirement over months or years so that everyone wins. Your Brockhurst Consulting coach will help you navigate through the transition, including involving those close in your ‘home life’, as well as your interactions with the organisation and people you are leaving behind in your ‘work life’.

Our Transitioning to Retirement Framework

Our approach provides a roadmap for the journey to life beyond full-time work and delivers a win-win outcome for both the organisation and the individual. We also advocate the involvement of your partner or another close companion in planning your journey.

We will help you become clear about your:

  • Identity Who are you? You are far more than the title on your business card. Are you a parent, grandparent, partner, friend, member of a community, volunteer, golfer, camper, traveller, reader, writer …?
  • Routine What will you do each day if you are not going to work? What would you do if you stopped working on Fridays? Would you spend it with those close to you? Would you play golf? Would you help out at the Church?
  • Network Who will be involved in your life? Who will you spend your extra time with? Who is most important to you? Who have you lost touch with? Who would you like to see more of?
  • Health & Wellbeing What lifestyle will you create for yourself to maximise your wellness?

Transferring these aspects of life into a more sustainable context unlocks the possibility for a full and happy retirement, which could now be up to 40 years!