We enable organisations and individuals to develop and grow, achieve results and enjoy what they do.

We facilitate highly interactive workshops, focus groups, meetings and forums that enable all participants to work together and learn from each other in a safe environment which achieves growth and change.

We design sessions that are based around the participants’ experience and needs and deliver them in a way that new ideas are generated and/or new ways of working are learnt that can be immediately applied in the workplace.

In this way, our sessions are not a one-off event as we partner with the client to ensure our facilitation services are an integrated part of the team’s change journey – see our ‘Inputs-Process-Outputs’ Approach below.

Unique features of our facilitation services include:

  • Preparation of a detailed session plan for sponsor’s endorsement with the design focused on clear intended outcomes including how participants should ‘Think, Feel and Do’ by the end of the session
  • Discovery conversations or online surveys before the session to inform the activities which will be most appropriate and add best value on the day
  • A wide range of activities which get everyone involved, produce results and provide some fun away from the day to day routine; the participants will remember their time with us!
  • Facilitated activities include, but are not limited to, Full Circle, RACI Planning, ‘Dotocracy’, World Café, Speed Dating, Essence, Elevator Pitches and Personal Commitments.
  • Prompt follow up of workshop outputs and a proposed ongoing support plan to ensure agreed plans and/or ideas are followed through and progress is tracked and celebrated

We are also accomplished at facilitating virtual workshops for remote teams using the functionality of online platforms to achieve the same desired outputs.

Our ‘IPO’ Approach to Workshops