We enable organisations and individuals to develop and grow, achieve results and enjoy what they do.

Our Leadership Coaching Services

If Bill Gates and Eric Schmidt need a coach, then “everyone needs a coach”.

Through a structured process for reflection, coaching helps us see ourselves as others see us.

As an empowering strategy for performance and leadership development, we offer a process that enables leaders to learn, grow and change. Conducted through one on one interaction and driven by data from multiple sources, we provide an experiential and individualised leadership development process that builds a leader’s capability and confidence to achieve organisational goals. In our experience, coaching is a particularly effective intervention during challenging periods of organisational change.

To achieve maximum impact, we believe it is critical that:

  • the relationship is based on mutual trust and respect (there is the right match between the coach and the coachee);
  • the sponsor (the organisation), the coachee and the coach work in partnership (the Triad Approach);
  • the development of the individual is aligned with the strategic needs of the organisation
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Our Coaching Delivery Process

Each program includes a formal triad meeting before and after the coaching process to ensure the objectives of the coaching intervention are achieved congruent with the business’s and coachee’s needs.

Our Coaching Framework

Brockhurst Consulting operates a community of practice approach which ensures consistency in our coaching practice and program outcomes, and which also brings combined wisdom to each of our coaching assignments. A supervisory coach is allocated to create an added layer of accountability around the expected coaching program outcomes ensuring maximum benefit for both the individual and the organisation.


Why invest in Leadership Coaching?

  • Coaching tends to increase the individual’s motivation and, in turn, their focus and productivity in the workplace
  • Coaching is likely to enhance the leaders’ loyalty to and engagement with the organisation providing a higher return to their employer on the investment made through offering the program
  • Coaching has a broader impact – it creates positive change beyond the person receiving the coaching as they change how they interact, communicate and lead others in the organisation