Ways of Working: Operationalising Values

In our experience of working with teams, those teams which display all elements under four key pillars – see below – will achieve business success.

We work with teams – existing or new teams – to support them with all the elements of our “Highly Effective Teams’ framework.

We typically see a strategic plan and organisation/team values documented….. but these are not getting traction. We help to convert the “talking into action” through facilitating teams to work together to operationalise strategy and values, to articulate team norms, to enhance their understanding of themselves and each other, and to track and celebrate their progress.

We do this by bringing these elements down to a practical level. This is not rocket science!

Our experience shows that a small change in a workplace practice, such as meetings or communication protocols, can make a huge difference to the way employees feel about their work, and in turn their level of engagement and ultimately their performance and productivity.

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Our Approach to Building Highly Effective Teams:

The Four Pillars

To maximize buy-in and engagement, we advocate that a team’s approach to all these elements is ideally developed and agreed by all team members. We work through each element with the whole team to achieve an agreed collective purpose and a set of goals, clear roles and responsibilities, expected workplace behaviours, professional development plans and a transparent reporting framework.

We have seen many teams ‘turn around’ and become highly effective as a result of our approach.