One of my favourite career moves is supported by a statement that I think holds true.

It’s that the best next job for someone is nearly always in the company they’re currently. There’s a whole bunch of reasons why that works. The consistency, the habits to frameworks.
I was coaching a lady who told me how frustrated she was with the lack of the work environment, with the lack of the flexibility she had.
So I said to her, what would the perfect job look like for you?
And she said, three days a week, two days from home, one day in the office. I could work after hours. I could be flexible.
And I said, what would happen if you shared that information with your boss?
She didn’t know. She did share that information with her boss. She’d got the flexibility she needed, and she’s been there for two years, and she’s going strong.
Think about what you need and communicate it to those around you. You never know what will happen.
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