We enable organisations and individuals to develop and grow, achieve results and enjoy what they do.

For 5 years now, Brockhurst Consulting has been aspiring to make a positive human impact in the world of work.

Our services focus on supporting organisations and individuals to develop and grow through change, to achieve results and most importantly, to ensure everyone enjoys what they do.

Microsoft has just published some statistics on the intentions of workers worldwide; over 40% of the global workforce is considering leaving their employer and/or changing jobs this year. I’m sure you will agree we have all been living through so much change in the past 18 months; in fact sometimes I think we even need to change the word ‘change’!

From all accounts, there is a lot more change to come…

This has been reinforced in recent conversations we have had with our clients who tell us that some of their teams have been experiencing up to 70% turnover! It is also evidenced by the number of requests for our career transition services we have received in the last few weeks. There is a ‘turnover tsunami’ clearly happening!

What this means is that you can pretty much guarantee that:

  • someone you work with, and/or
  • someone you work for, and/or
  • someone who works for you, and/or
  • you will change roles and/or organisations over the next few months.

Our DNA is founded on decades of working with people transitioning their careers, together with our extensive experience of supporting organisations, teams and individuals through transformation programs. We can equip you to lead your people through ongoing change, we can help you find and secure your next job when you’re competing with 40% of the workforce, and we can support you and your teams in remaining agile and resilient in the face of constant uncertainty.

We can help you change the way you change.

To learn more, why don’t you give us a call on 1300 181 211 and see how we can help you.