As we tentatively come out of “lockdown 4” in Melbourne and watch as uncertainty spreads across Australia.

While on the exterior, it appears most of us are getting on with life in 2021, the repercussions of 2020 for some have created underlying issues that a lockdown, regardless of length, bring to the surface again. These include:

financial: businesses are in general, back up and running, however the reality is many are still in recovery mode from last year. While their ‘doors have been open’, there is a lot of lost ground to make up for them to be in a position close to that of pre-2020.
mental: While we often think of those living alone and somewhat isolated from family and friends, this also effects relationships of those living together. The thought of being confined to one space, limited opportunities to leave the house and the uncertainty of how long it may last can create stress, worry and panic for many.
physical: the limitation of outdoor activity for an hour has created anxiety in many, particularly people who are members of gyms, local swim centres, yoga and pilates studios and sporting clubs. While clubs and sport centres offer a form of fitness, the benefits are often valued as therapeutic, meditative and social to name a few.

All we can do is focus on that which is in our control.

So here are my 3 tips.

  1. Reach out to your team
    Double down on team connections. Keep those team catchups going. However they have been working.
  2. Check in on those around you
    Call your colleagues ask them how how they are? I promise you they’ll appreciate it.
  3. Reach out for help if you need it.
    Nobody will judge you. We have all worked how to get things done in a virtual world.

The challenge now is too mange the uncertainty facing us and to remain agile. At Brockhurst Consulting, we’re ready with virtual and face to face offerings to help get teams back together, remain effective and build resilience and agility for the times ahead. We enable organisations and individuals to develop and grow, achieve results and enjoy what they do.

How can we help?

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