We enable organisations and individuals to develop and grow, achieve results and enjoy what they do.

As a facilitator of team strengthening programs, Sarah Wood, Director of Consulting Services, reinforces the importance of every team having a clear and shared purpose.

At Brockhurst Consulting we believe it’s critical that every team member understands why the team they are a part of does what it does, and how everyone’s individual contributions connect with this.

In fact, we have recently re-visited our vision and mission with our own team of consultants and coaches at Brockhurst Consulting, and we have all re-committed to our purpose as being:

“We are helping to build a world in which people feel safe and supported at work, so that they are inspired and fulfilled by the work they do.”

Each of our team members feels deeply connected to this collective purpose as we aim to make a positive human impact for the individuals, teams and organisations we work with. Our purpose also acts as our north star guiding us in everything we do.

We take teams through an activity that involves all team members in helping them clarify and articulate their ‘why’ – what is their deeper mission in terms of the impact they are seeking to make:

  • Why do you do what you do?
  • What would your team’s purpose be?
  • What contribution and/or impact are you seeking to make?

There’s never been a more appropriate time to have this conversation with your team to strengthen the connections of team members and to remind them of the value and the impact of the work they do.

We can guide you and your team through this process.

To learn more, why don’t you give us a call on 1300 181 211 and see how we can help you.