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In mid-2019, a new CEO had been appointed and the existing 5-year Strategic Plan was due to be reviewed and updated.

There was a need for change and growth as the population of the area served was rapidly increasing as was the competition from other heath service providers. The expectations of clients were also changing, e.g. as a result of NDIS, and funding was plateauing.



  • Considerable room for improvement in staff engagement – especially in regards to professional development, and reward and recognition
  • Outdated technology and systems
  • No consistent good practice client service approach
  • Limited pool of volunteers
  • Siloed and inflexible ways of working


Our Response

Working closely with the CEO, guided the development of a robust People Plan and Growth Strategy which had 5 key focus areas:

  • Roles and Organisation Structure –redesigned to meet external clients’ needs and critical vacancies filled with new capabilities
  • Values – the organisational values were refreshed through extensive staff consultation and now underpin all staff programs
  • Service Delivery – more holistic view of client-centred care embedded
  • New Team Ways of Working – a bottom-up approach to strategic planning has been adopted and 20 online team workshops were conducted during which the team’s purpose and priority goals were agreed. Furthermore,  all teams are now empowered to develop their own ways of working aligned to the new organisational values
  • Leadership Developmentdesigned and facilitated leadership programs based on a Leadership Mindset framework



  • New Executive Leadership Team with a focus on innovation, improving technology and systems and staff wellbeing
  • Whole Brain Thinking has been introduced as a consistent approach to teamwork and the majority of the 450 staff members have a HBD I profile enhancing self-awareness and leveraging cognitive diversity of team members
  • Increased funding obtained for projects and programs, e.g. social prescribing
  • Recognised in the HRD Innovative HR Teams 2021 List for a range of workplace initiatives including a new approach to performance and development


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