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A team of 20 mobile Maternal and Child Health Care Nurses were working in multiple sites across the Council area, many working on their own for most of the time.  The culture, moral and performance was low with limited leadership effectiveness. A new leadership team had been appointed to improve the culture.


  • Several members of the team were demonstrating disruptive behaviour and there appeared to be a lack of transparency and respect
  • A recent staff survey had indicated low levels of staff engagement and satisfaction which had resulted in a negative impact on business results.  Budgets had not been met, there was limited strategic work and conditions of funding agreements were not being met.
  • The team had become dysfunctional and there had been little progress made to change
  • The new manager had embarked on a strategic and intentional program of change to rectify the culture and outcomes.

Our Response

  • Worked with the new manager to ensure effective communication of the program and set the expectations of the team for a positive process
  • Respectfully acknowledged the past and made it clear that this process was to be part of a new era.
  • Developed and deployed a short survey based on Brockhurst Consulting’s “highly effective teams’ framework” for all members of the team to participate in and contribute to the context and design of the program as well as developed a relationship with the consultants prior to the workshop.
  • Facilitated the team planning day including:
    • Unpacked the survey results to ensure the team maintain ownership of the outcomes
    • Worked in four small teams “around the room” to unpack the top four issues identified and agreed from the survey data
    • Voted as a room on the action plans to develop further
    • Worked in new groups to develop new Ways of Working from the actions plans identified
    • Shared and presented outputs to implement plans
    • Populated the tracking framework and agreed a mechanism for increased accountability moving forward.


  • One member of the team self-selected out of the role to pursue other career options creating the opportunity to bring in a new member to reinforce the new desired ways of working.
  • In follow up conversations staff members reported feeling far more connected and new meeting protocols had been implemented creating a safe place for better conversations,  roving staff members reported feeling far more welcome in sites where they had previously felt ostracised, leadership reported an increase in morale and productivity and there was a strong drive for ongoing cultural improvements.


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