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The Marrung Central Governance Committee (CGC) was established in 2016 to support the 10-year MarrungAboriginal Education Plan 2016 – 2026, (Marrung), which acknowledges that improved and sustained outcomes for Koorie learners will only be achieved if an accountability framework is in place to clarify who is responsible for contributing, and how progress will be monitored and reported

The CGC has a diverse membership of 48 people representing a broad cross-section of Government and Aboriginal organisations



  • The terms of reference of the CGC dictate that a formal review is required after 12 months. This review was overdue, and Brockhurst Consulting was engaged to conduct the review as an independent external party
  • There was a very short time frame for the project with the final report being required within two months of engagement
  • The 48 members of the CGC came from a range of Government and Aboriginal organisations and were based in numerous locations
  • There were significant cultural considerations to be aware of and catered for during the review
  • Confidentiality was vital and all conversations were to be conducted and reported in a way which ensured anonymity


Our Response

  • We engaged key stakeholders from the Department of Education (DET) and the Victorian Aboriginal Education Association Inc. (VAEAI) to establish a culturally sensitive and targeted set of questions to be asked of all committee members
  • We conducted conversations with 33 of the 48 members of the CGC through face-to-face/phone individual and group meetings
  • We analysed the data collected, aggregated feedback themes and developed a set of recommendations
  • We presented a final report to the DET aligning with good governance practice to create recommendations for the future operation of the CGC



  • Following on from our engagement with the DET, the Marrung Central Governance Committee has endorsed the recommendations made enabling a greater capacity to advise and influence the implementation of initiatives to improve Koorie student outcomes


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