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Disability funding changed overnight and the sales and delivery model of the industry transformed from a funded framework to user pays.  The business needed to adapt to the new way of customer acquisition and retention quickly in order to survive.


  • The potential  economic impact resulting from doing nothing would be catastrophic for the business 
  • There was internal conflict between staff members and pronounced silos between teams
  • Staff discovery conversations had revealed significant levels of mental stress, bullying and dissatisfaction with the leadership 
  • Disengagement of the staff was making any change initiative difficult

Our Response

  • Engaged with the owner and CEO in an executive coaching program to ensure they remained an active and effective sponsor for the change throughout the process
  • Engaged with senior staff in discovery conversations and coaching support to clarify the clarify the current situation and ensure they were supported to lead through the change process 
  • Surveyed all staff and facilitated team workshops to encourage ideas, input and ownership for new ways of working
  • New roles were created to support the new ways of working
  • A master program plan with clear accountabilities and timelines was developed and maintained


After 6 months:

  •  A review with staff revealed a significant increase in staff happiness, engagement and well being
  • The CEO reported a healthy turnaround in customer acquisition and retention as well as corresponding revenue and margin growth
  • Staff engagement was at an all time high with one staff member quoting, “I don’t cry on my way to work any more and we actually have a laugh in the office now.“

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