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Case Study - Technical Sales Organisation


A national industrial rental company with an EBIT which had flat lined for several years and facing challenging external economic conditions asked us to support them with a business growth strategy.



  • The economic impact on the business due to changes in the mining sector were significant
  • There was a poor sales culture including no consistent sales approach
  • No detailed competitor analysis had been conducted
  • Teams were working in silos
  • Decision making authority was unclear and inconsistent
  • There was limited opportunity for staff to provide feedback
  • There was a lack of accountability to outcomes


Our Response

  • Specific sales training was provided for both inbound and outbound sales teams
  • A Senior Leadership Team was established and individual/group coaching provided to enhance capability and confidence in leading through change
  • Group workshops were facilitated with all teams to encourage ideas, input and ownership of the way forward
  • New roles were created to support the new ways of working 
  • A master program plan with clear accountabilities and timelines was developed and maintained
  • Transparent tracking of performance was implemented, and reward and recognition programs were linked to performance
  • Two-way communication channels were set up between leadership and team members, and regular meetings with defined frameworks were introduced



Within 2 years:

  • Over 900 new additional contacts in the CRM
  • Over 500 planned face to face customer meetings had occurred
  • Revenue had increased by 20%
  • EBIT had increased by 43%
  • New products had been added to the inventory


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